Welcome my dear friends, to the show that never ends....

This show is certain to end, and that rather quickly, but at least here we will have some time before, during, and after the actual class to discuss texts, ask questions, (hopefully) find answers.

This blog is an additional outlet for the course participants, a way to contact your instructor (that would be me, Sören Fröhlich), and to discuss your findings in a more fashionable way than writing letters to me or waiting for the class.

Whenever you find yourself stuck with your reading, post a story or add a comment regarding it, and we all will help to the best of our abilities.

Whenever you have a question that you feel is not that relevant to the course, but that you want to discuss anyway, post it.

Whenever you found something you think is neat and want to share it, go ahead.

Oh, and if you are absolutely worried about signing up with blogger.de to comment here--sorry about that, I just don't have a website where I could publish this site--just email me your comments, I will happily publish them for you. Also, since this is a blog, I have no choice but to post the most recent post on top, so don't let yourself be confused by this reversed order.

Some "fine print" regarding the status of this blog:

Please respect this space as an official site associated with the course, so watch your language and refrain from inappropriate comments, they could be censored.

Now, let me make some things clear: what happens here, stays here (as they say about Vegas), and it has NO formal bearing on the course as such.
In other words: unless I ask you to post something here or the like, the posts here are NOT a formal part of your grade, which
a) hopefully will relax you...there is no "right" or "wrong" here (though there rarely will be one in the classroom anyhow)
b) will not help you if you miss your deadlines ony any of the course requirements and then post something five to midnight...I will entirely disregard this and you'll be in trouble...apart from the fact that you will have shown that you were aware you're messing up, so you might be in even bigger trouble.